Modelling environmentalism thinking

It’s a human political belief model — based on Cyc! I’m not sure logic represents how people think all that well, but seeing the formalization of ideology is fascinating. And besides, the methodology of cognitive modelling is awesome. The link:

Modeling How People Think About Sustainability

David C. James, M. P. Aff

LBJ School of Public Affairs
The University of Texas at Austin
May 2005

First Reader: Lodis Rhodes
Second Reader: Chandler Stolp

How effectively can a computer model represent the belief systems of different people? How would one go about representing a belief system using formal logic? How would that ideology react to different scenarios related to sustainable development? The author constructs the Cyc Agent-Scenario (CAS) model as a way to investigate these questions. The CAS model is built on top of ResearchCyc, a knowledge base (KB) and logical inference engine. The model consists of two agents (Libertarian and Green) and two scenarios. The model simulates how agents would think about or judge the scenarios. Theoretical and practical concerns of modeling, logic, rationality, and emotion are discussed. The CAS model is compared against other approaches, such as econometrics and polling, that are useful for public policy practitioners. Lastly, potential applications of the model for democratic deliberation, negotiation, planning, and participation are explored.

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