Java and IDEs for the R/Python world


Replot: departure delays vs flight time speed-up

What the ACL-2014 review scores mean

Scatterplot of KN/PYP language model results


tanh is a rescaled logistic sigmoid function

Response on our movie personas paper

Probabilistic interpretation of the B3 coreference resolution metric

Some analysis of tweet shares and “predicting” election outcomes

Confusion matrix diagrams

Movie summary corpus and learning character personas

What inputs do Monte Carlo algorithms need?

Rise and fall of Dirichlet process clusters

Correlation picture

R scan() for quick-and-dirty checks

Wasserman on Stats vs ML, and previous comparisons

Perplexity as branching factor; as Shannon diversity index


Graphs for SANCL-2012 web parsing results

Powerset’s natural language search system

CMU ARK Twitter Part-of-Speech Tagger – v0.3 released

Berkeley SDA and the General Social Survey

p-values, CDF’s, NLP etc.

The $60,000 cat: deep belief networks make less sense for language than vision

F-scores, Dice, and Jaccard set similarity

Cosine similarity, Pearson correlation, and OLS coefficients

I don’t get this web parsing shared task

Save Zipf’s Law (new anti-credulous-power-law article)

Histograms — matplotlib vs. R


Bayes update view of pointwise mutual information

Memorizing small tables

Be careful with dictionary-based text analysis

Information theory stuff

End-to-end NLP packages

CMU Twitter Part-of-Speech tagger 0.2

Good linguistic semantics textbook?

How much text versus metadata is in a tweet?

iPhone autocorrection error analysis

Log-normal and logistic-normal terminology

Shalizi’s review of NKS

Rough binomial confidence intervals

Poor man’s linear algebra textbook

Move to brenocon.com

Please report your SVM’s kernel!

Interactive visualization of Mixture of Gaussians, the Law of Total Expectation and the Law of Total Variance


Greenspan on the Daily Show

An ML/AI approach to P != NP

Updates: CMU, Facebook

quick note: cer et al 2010

How Facebook privacy failed me


List of probabilistic model mini-language toolkits

Seeing how “art” and “pharmaceuticals” are linguistically similar in web text

Quiz: “art” and “pharmaceuticals”

Don’t MAWK AWK – the fastest and most elegant big data munging language!

Patches to Rainbow, the old text classifier that won’t go away

Another R flashmob today

Beautiful Data book chapter

Haghighi and Klein (2009): Simple Coreference Resolution with Rich Syntactic and Semantic Features

Blogger to WordPress migration helper

R questions on StackOverflow

FFT: Friedman + Fortran + Tricks

Beta conjugate explorer

Michael Jackson in Persepolis

Psychometrics quote

June 4

Where tweets get sent from

Zipf’s law and world city populations

Announcing TweetMotif for summarizing twitter topics

Performance comparison: key/value stores for language model counts

1 billion web page dataset from CMU

Pirates killed by President

Binary classification evaluation in R via ROCR

Comparison of data analysis packages: R, Matlab, SciPy, Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata

La Jetee

“Logic Bomb”

SF conference for data mining mercenaries

Love it and hate it, R has come of age


Facebook sentiment mining predicts presidential polls

Information cost and genocide

Statistics vs. Machine Learning, fight!

Calculating running variance in Python and C++

Python bindings to Google’s “AJAX” Search API

Netflix Prize

The Wire: Mr. Nugget

Correlations – cotton picking vs. 2008 Presidential votes

Disease tracking with web queries and social messaging (Google, Twitter, Facebook…)

Obama street celebrations in San Francisco

Twitter graphs of the debate

Is religion the opiate of the elite?

Financial market theory on the Daily Show

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Animated

It is accurate to determine a blog’s bias by what it links to

Blog move has landed

MyDebates.org, online polling, and potentially the coolest question corpus ever


"Machine" translation/vision (Stanford AI courses online)

Fukuyama: Authoritarianism is still against history

A better Obama vs McCain poll aggregation

East vs West cultural psychology!

Link: Today’s international organizations

Bias correction sneak peek!

Turker classifiers and binary classification threshold calibration

Pairwise comparisons for relevance evaluation

Clinton-Obama support visualization

Sub-reddit for Systems Science and OR

conplot – a console plotter

The best natural language search commentary on the internet

Are women discriminated against in graduate admissions? Simpson’s paradox via R in three easy steps!

a regression slope is a weighted average of pairs’ slopes!

Datawocky: More data usually beats better algorithms

Allende’s cybernetic economy project

Quick-R, the only decent R documentation on the internet

Spending money on others makes you happy

color name study i did

PHD Comics: Humanities vs. Social Sciences

data data data

Food Fight

Graphics! Atari Breakout and religious text NLP

Moral psychology on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Will the humanities save us?

Indicators of a crackpot paper


What is experimental philosophy?

Data-driven charity

Race and IQ debate – links

How did Freud become a respected humanist?!

Actually that 2008 elections voter fMRI study is batshit insane (and sleazy too)

Pop cog neuro is so sigh

Authoritarian great power capitalism

neo institutional economic fun!

Verificationism dinosaur comics

EEG for the Wii and in your basement

Dollar auction

It’s all in a name: "Kingdom of Norway" vs. "Democratic People’s Republic of Korea"

When’s the last time you dug through 19th century English mortuary records

Are ideas interesting, or are they true?

Cooperation dynamics – Martin Nowak

China: fines for bad maps


Game outcome graphs — prisoner’s dilemma with FUN ARROWS!!!

Washington in 1774

Happiness incarnate on the Colbert Report

Evangelicals vs. Aquarians

"Time will tell, epistemology won’t"

Richard Rorty has died

Freak-Freakonomics (Ariel Rubinstein is the shit!)

"Stanford Impostor"

Rock Paper Scissors psychology

Simpson’s paradox is so totally solved

More fun with Gapminder / Trendalyzer

Gapminder.org — terrific world data visualizations

Random search engine searcher


Seth Roberts and academic blogging

Statistics is big-N logic?

Feminists, anarchists, computational complexity, bounded rationality, nethack, and other things to do

Computability and induction and ideal rationality and the simpsons

Iraq is the 9th deadliest civil war since WW2

Pascal’s Wager

When linguists appear on ironic parody talk shows

The Jungle Economy

funny comic

Anarchy vs. social order in Somalia


Double thesis action

A big, fun list of links I’m reading

4-move rock, paper, scissors!

Two Middle East politics visualizations

neuroscience and economics both ways

Social network-ized economic markets

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Neuroeconomics reviews

Lordi goes to Eurovision

Drunken monkeys experiment!

Easterly vs. Sachs on global poverty

high irony

The identity politics of satananic zombie alien man-beasts

new kind of science, for real

Mark Turner: Toward the Founding of Cognitive Social Science

Libertarianism and evolution don’t mix


academic blogging

science writing bad!

Bush approval ratings

Kurzweil interview

cognitive modelling is rational choice++

Submit your poker data!

Bayesian analysis of intelligent design (revised!)

searchin’ for our friend, homo economicus

balkanized USA

war death statistics

guns, germs, & steel pbs show?!

the psychology of design as explanation

another blog: cog psych and political/social stuff

a bayesian analysis of intelligent design

Statistical inference and social science

finding some decision science blogs

Social economics and rationality

City crisis simulation (e.g. terrorist attack)

freakonomics blog

Supreme Court justices’ agreement levels

$ echo {political,social,economic}{cognition,behavior,systems}

Modelling environmentalism thinking

monkey economics (and brothels)

more argumentation & AI/formal modelling links


looking for related blogs/links

idea: Morals are heuristics for socially optimal behavior

1st International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA06)

Online Deliberation 2005 conference blog & more is up!


go science

addiction & 2 problems of economics

gintis: theoretical unity in the social sciences