Sub-reddit for Systems Science and OR

I’ve been a big fan of Reddit’s Programing subsite for a while. Just this morning I found another sub-reddit:
SYSOR: Systems Science, Operations Research and Everything In Between, and I’m loving it. Lots of links on data mining, graph software, image recognition, learning theory, etc etc.

Not sure if the Operations Research part in the title is so big now — there’s some sort of complicated reorganization of a number of fields including operations research, systems science, computational learning, and more general computer science areas. I’m a fan of the great historical overview in the Introduction in Rusell and Norvig’s AI book; I’m sure it’s slanted in various ways, but what else are overarching narratives for? :)

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4 Responses to Sub-reddit for Systems Science and OR

  1. mikelove says:

    nice. subscribed.

  2. DDDepressionnn says:

    There has come winter :(
    It became cold and cloudy!
    Mood very bad :(
    Depression Begins

  3. DDDDepressionnnn says:

    Depression Depression Depression aaaaaaaa
    HEEEEELP :( :( :(
    I hate winter! I want summer!

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