Berkeley SDA and the General Social Survey

It is worth contemplating how grand the General Social Survey is. When playing around with the Statwing YC demo (which is very cool!) I was reminded of the very old-school SDA web tool for exploratory cross-tabulation analyses… They have the GSS loaded and running here. The GSS is so large you can analyze really weird combinations of variables. For example, here is one I just did: How much good versus evil is there in the world (on a 7 point scale, of course!), versus age.

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2 Responses to Berkeley SDA and the General Social Survey

  1. andrew says:


    look at the weird skew between 2s and 6s – wonder if there is a name for that phenomenon in the survey literature? seems like a signal that the scale isn’t perceived as equal interval by the respondents? (1, world is evil is ideologically further from the imaginary center than 7, world is good?)

  2. Funny, I just saw this blog post, and about a month ago we happen to have taken the GSS and stuck it into Statwing to make it super easy to play around with:
    (Direct link to dataset: )

    Such an awesome dataset.